Rabu, 09 Maret 2011

Six 'Disease' Rare in the World

A number of health problems caused by past trauma or just a mere suggestion. But, did you know that some disorders are rare and interesting. Curious?
Orgasm 200 times per day A British woman, Sarah Carmen, having an orgasm to 200 times each day. Investigate a calibaration, Carmen syndrome called Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAs).
This syndrome makes the blood flow so smoothly into the area so that the stimulation of sexual organs continue to arise. This situation must often be Carmen forced to have sex for all his desire to terlampiaskan.
In addition, Carmen is also easy to reach a climax when in action. The boyfriend admitted difficulty satisfying and fulfilling sexual needs are so great Carmen.
Allergies water These health problems experienced by Ashleigh Morris. Since the age of 14, a woman from Melbourne was declared allergic to water for various temperatures. He will experience a painful rash so his body touched the water. Even sweat can make pain.
Remember continue When getting older, middle-aged women usually already senile. However, this does not apply to AJ (pseudonym is given to researchers from a university). Female 42 years old can remember everything in great detail, ranging from years to hours of an incident that happened to him.
Devotees Tic TACS Natalie Cooper did not want too idolize Tic TACS. However, the 19-year will fall ill if you consume any food. Doctors could not explain this disorder. Apparently, Cooper's stomach can only accept TACS mint Tic.
Laughter = fainted? Kay Underwood have to be careful when expression. The reason, she would faint all of a sudden when you're happy, angry, afraid, surprised, amazed, even embarrassed. Since seven years sillam, Underwood was diagnosed with a condition that suddenly made him limp or cataplexy. Excessive emotion can make his muscles suddenly helpless. He can pass out more than 40 times a day due to the emotions he felt.
In addition, Underwood also suffer from narcolepsy, a condition that makes it instantly asleep. Underwood does not own. Narcolepsy affects about 30 thousand people in the UK. About 70 percent of them also suffered from cataplexy.
Allergies modern technology One more type of allergy that is not less strange that is allergic to modern technology. This disorder is experienced by Debbie Bird. He is allergic to a number of advanced technological tools, such as cell phones and microwave cookware.
Bird is very sensitive to electromagnetic waves or radiation of technological tools. Her skin became red and swollen eyelids while adjacent to these tools. This situation makes a spa manager, who is also her husband, turning his house into an electromagnetic free zone. Thus, Bird can live healthy.

Minggu, 06 Maret 2011

Tips Graffiti

Graffiti is an art that developed in urban streets. Its development began in the 70s on the European continent. At first the gang graffiti is used as the identity and specific groups.Graffiti gang used as a way to control a region.

Unlike Indonesia, the graffiti was already there in the days of colonialism. When it is used as a propaganda graffiti evoke the spirit of the nation against Dutch colonialism.By writing something like "Ajo Boeng Boeng!" On the walls, although with big risk if caught by Dutch troops (usually spelled VOC).
Some terms in the graffiti:
Bomb Activity or process being carried out while making graffiti.
Piece Every single work that has been made in a single word or abbreviation.
Tag Or it can be said Typical signatures are included in one piece or without a piece.
Drip Cat is melted because it was too thick when sprayed.
Cans Cans containing paint used for graffiti.
Caps Cans head shapes and sizes that produce a variety of sprays.
Marker In a way markers, but markers are permanent and high wetness.
Sketch The concept of graffiti written on paper.
Bomber Someone who makes graffiti
Crew A group consisting of a few graffiti bomber who all have their own nicknames.
Wheat Paste The images on paper that is attached to the wall by using flour.
Blockbuster A very large piece, its length can reach tens of meters.
Stencil A graffiti made by using molds.
Mask Closing or safety breathing at the time of bombing.
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