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WHAT'S WITH FACEBOOK? Good Bad Facebook, Analysis of Positive and Negative up

In recent years, social networking site Facebook is being warmly into conversation in the community. This is in line with the presence of the initiative to formulate a religious view on the phenomenon of Facebook itself. However, if we all already know what it up?. Before we talk more about Facebook, it's good we know beforehand the history up, and what are the benefits and harm from Facebook itself.
Who does not know the sites up. Today, almost every person in the world including Indonesia, has contracted the virus up. Ranging from young children, parents, even children already know and enamored of social networking site Facebook.
Up (abbreviated FB) is a social networking website launched on February 4, 2004 and was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, a 21 year old, a Harvard graduate and former Ardsley High School student. Its membership was initially restricted to students of Harvard College. In the next two months, its membership expanded to other schools in the Boston area (Boston College, Boston University, MIT, Tufts), Rochester, Stanford, NYU, Northwestern, and all schools are included in the Ivy League. Many other universities are then added in succession within one year after its release. Finally, people who have an email address of a university-mail from all over the world can also join this site.
Furthermore, also developed a network for top-level schools and some large corporations. Since 11 September 2006, people with e-mail address whatever-mail can register on Facebook. Users can choose to join one or more networks are available, based on top-level schools, the workplace, or geographic region.
Until July 2007, this site has the largest number of registered users among the sites that focus on schools with more than 34 million active members from around the world possesses. From September 2006 to September 2007, its ranking rose from 60th position to the position of the 7th most visited sites, and is the number one site for photos in the United States, ahead of other public sites such as Flickr, with 8.5 million photos uploaded every day.
Networking sites are so much in the virtual world, ranging from Friendster, Live Connector, Tagged, MySpace, Hi5, FUPEI to Facebook. However, no other social networking sites that can rival the appeal up to the user (the user). In 2007, there is the addition of 200 thousand new accounts per day More than 25 million active users to use up every day. The average user spent about 19 minutes per day to perform various activities on Facebook. Now Facebook has employees 250 - 1000 people, with an income of $ 50 - $ 100.
Facebook is one social networking service is free internet in which we can form a network by inviting friends. And from the network that we form, we can observe their activities, following the game / join a game that is recommended, add friends or our network based on school organization, the domicile of us, and so on. You could say the facilities to make friends and build social life.
In 2008, Indonesia is a country of Southeast Asia's most rapid development of his Facebook users, ie, 645 percent to 831,000 users of Facebook, and the fifth highest in the world after America, Britain, France and Italy, and has the potential to increase in large scale (The Jakarta Post 22 May 2009).
Lately, criticism arose from a number of scholars since FB is considered to encourage the infidelity, so they find a way to regulate online behavior in Indonesia. NU spokesman Abdul Muin Shohib states that up and the like are prohibited because they do not spread the religion of Islam, but to gossip. Notices are meant to warn Muslim Indonesia because many of Facebook and Friendster users are students, and it is feared up infiltrated cyber pornography (The Jakarta Post May 22, 2009).
Fatwa unlawful use facebook, also advanced by Pondok Pesantren Java-Madura joined in Pondok Pesantren Putri Communication Forum (FMP3), up tend to be used as a tool for Female (approach) with the opposite sex, are used to speaking openly about intimate issues or support vulgar behavior, so that the otherwise unlawful. according to the forum, Islam has its own guidelines to determine the characteristics of the opposite sex who want to become life partners.
Why do they forbid facebook? for that, to avoid confusion feedback about Facebook, it's good we know the positive and negative impacts up.
Here are the benefits that can be drawn from the Social Network Facebook:

1. For the Gathering, among old friends, new friends, and family.
2. To gather the family relatives, brothers, relatives are scattered,
3. As a media discussion, media propaganda, exchange information and invite goodness.
4. As an advertising medium, both fish free with how to post and paid ads that have been provided.
5. As a media campaign to win the presidency and vice 2009.
6. Building a community of certain groups, certain schools, certain tribes, certain religion, a particular hobby.
7. Train to communicate, train writing, to express opinion, train comment.
8. For media store family photos, photo and video memories can be shared as well.

Some things are the adverse effects of FaceBook:

1. Reduce performance because the company's employees, faculty and students playing facebook at work, surely reduce working time.
2. Less attention to the family, this happens because the parents less and less time with the children and their families due up.
3. Tergantikannya social life because some people feel enough to interact through the up, thereby reducing the frequency of face to face.
4. Limitation of personal and social sphere is blurred, because the up we are free to write anything, often without realizing we write down things that should not be submitted to the social sphere.
5. The spread of important data that should not, Facebook users often do not realize some important data that should not be displayed publicly.
6. Pornography, like other social networking sites that make use of any such site to pornographic activities.
7. Misconceptions, such as cases of dismissal because an employee who does not supposed to write on facebook, also occur prosecution to court because of misunderstandings on Facebook.

Judging from the positive and negative impacts of using up these, all passed away in our own self. When discussing the impact of good and bad effects are endless, because all will continue to grow and hard to be dammed. Therefore, the presence of up should be addressed with wisdom, removed the bad and take the benefits. If it can be said, up more communicative and interactive and can broaden our horizons all, without having to linger late in this controversy. Because, it's good to strengthen the control of the hearts, minds, our own faith in addressing the development of information technology.
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